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Cashback is either cash or vouchers that can be redeemed with your credit card reward points.

Airmiles are points earned on credit card purchases from participating merchants that you can redeem for flights with specific airlines.
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  • 1.How does GoBear compare credit cards?
    Our goal is simple: to show you the most transparent and unbiased comparison that suits your needs, not anyone else’s. Here's how: 1. Search by reward types Card rewards are what you are looking for and GoBear gets it! Start your search by selecting your preferred reward type: cashback or air miles. 2. Calculate annual rewards based on your spending needs To help you find your best credit card, simply input your monthly spending amount with an option to break them down into categories like: dining, entertainment, fuel, groceries, online shopping, shopping, etc. For details of shopping categories, refer to 'what is the definition' of each spending category and 'what is included in your rewards calculation?'. With your input plus our unique GoBear Rewards Converter, we will calculate your estimated annual earnings on cashback and air miles based on your monthly spending over a period of one year. We convert the different credit card reward points based on average cash values or actual air miles you can redeem. Please refer to 'Which airline miles do you use in your total air miles calculation?' for more details on air miles. 3. Compare reward earnings vs other benefits, features and fees To give an all-rounded comparison, we also showcase a directory of other features, including benefits and fees of each credit card.
  • 2.What is definition of each spending category and what is included in your rewards calculation?
    Dining: weekend and weekday dining (if you get rewarded at different rates, the average applies) Entertainment: ticketing for cinemas, bars or events (or either of them) Fuel: includes card-specific rewards such miles or cashback accumulated from spending on fuel Groceries: grocery spending at multiple outlets Travel: 50% overseas spend and 50% travel-related spend such as flight or hotel Online Shopping: all spending on online shopping Shopping: all spending on retail shopping General: all other spending (except cash advances) To give a clear comparison, the followings is excluded: - Nominal discounts for fuel - Bank-wide discounts for fuel - Bank deals with specific merchants - Any ad-hoc promotions, unless they are quantifiable as an annual bonus related to a minimum spend in the first year.
  • 3.How accurate are the total air miles or cashback calculations?
    At GoBear we put in our best to ensure our calculations are accurate. Firstly, we constantly update our calculation engine and data collected from the credit card issuers. Secondly, your input on your monthly spending breakdown will further improve our calculation. Having said that, there are certain personal spending patterns, specific merchant deals or rewards that we do not include in our comparison because our goal is to give you an apple-to-apple comparison. GoBear’s advice to you is to treat the total annual cashback and total air miles earned, as one of the considerations during your comparison process. Click on "More Details" to learn more about the limitations and benefits of each individual card.
  • 4.There are other comparison sites, why should I use GoBear to compare credit cards?
    We are transparent, unbiased, personalised and we have you covered. GoBear credit card comparison results are based entirely on your personal spending pattern, based on your data input. There's no advertising, pre-ranking and highlights of the card listing. We don't tell you which card to pick, it's your choice. We currently cover largest range of credit cards, view our sitemap to access the full list of the cards available.
  • 5.What should I look out for when comparing between rewards, cashback or miles cards?
    Firstly, you must understand what each card offers: Rewards Cards: Reward cards earn you rewards that are specific to your card issuer (e.g. CitiDollars). These rewards are collected when you spend money on credit cards and can be exchanged for either vouchers, cash or air miles. Cashback Cards:Cashback cards offer you a percentage of your total spending on this card. Depending on what you spend on, you could earn up to 5% cashback on your credit card. Miles Cards: Miles cards earn you miles that are exchangeable for frequent flyer miles at selected airlines. Most Singaporean banks have deals with Krisflyer miles and Asia Miles. When comparing these 3 card types, you should keep in mind that rewards cards may not instantly giving you “miles” or “cash” and sometimes a conversion rate applies when redeeming for these rewards. However, this gives you the option to choose your rewards or benefits at a later point of time. Pure miles and cashback cards do not offer this flexibility but often offer better conversion rates. Cashback cards are loved by those who like instant “cash discount” from a bill.

If you find these answers helpful? Check out our FAQs for other products to learn more.